Want To Exhibit?

Want To Exhibit?

Who's Exhibiting

We had some fantastic exhibitors for 2016!

Featured Exhibitors

    Kacao Chocalate

    Kacao Chocalate

    Luxury handmade chocolates from North Yorkshire

    Shakespeare Distillery

    Shakespeare Distillery

    Shakespeare Distillery will be joining us for the first time at Festival of Food and Drink

    Welbeck Abbey Brewery

    Welbeck Abbey Brewery

    At Welbeck Abbey Brewery we pride ourselves on using only four ingredients – barley, hops, yeast and water. All are carefully blended, so that all our ales can rightfully carry the Welbeck stamp of ‘hand crafted’.

    Fudged Up

    Fudged Up

    Fudged Up make a range of irresistible handmade fudge that they sell at events across the region. One to look out for if you have a passion for the finest fudge.


Clumber Park 2016 exhibitors...

  • Book People

    Book People

  • Flint and Flame

    Flint and Flame

  • Big Red Bus Bar

    Big Red Bus Bar

  • Snowdonia Cheese

    Snowdonia Cheese

  • Boston Shakers

    Boston Shakers

  • The London Pie Company

    The London Pie Company

  • Hartington Cheese Shop

    Hartington Cheese Shop

  • Romano Coffee

    Romano Coffee

  • Hooper's


  • Riverford Organic

    Riverford Organic

  • Coole Swan

    Coole Swan

  • Gwatkin Cider Company

    Gwatkin Cider Company

  • The Duck Truck

    The Duck Truck

  • Los Churros Amigos

    Los Churros Amigos

  • Peak Ale The Barn Brewery

    Peak Ale The Barn Brewery

  • Sundial


  • The Pork Society

    The Pork Society

  • Maxey's Farm Shop

    Maxey's Farm Shop

  • Brocklebys


  • Kilted Fudge Company

    Kilted Fudge Company

  • Bluebell Dairy

    Bluebell Dairy

  • Toppings Pies

    Toppings Pies

  • Low N Slow

    Low N Slow

  • Borderfields


  • Burtree Puddings

    Burtree Puddings

  • The Original Bakewell Pudding Shop

    The Original Bakewell Pudding Shop

  • Cherry Tree Preserves

    Cherry Tree Preserves

  • Lime Tree Pantry

    Lime Tree Pantry

  • Bluebell Dairy

    Bluebell Dairy

  • Pinksters Gin

    Pinksters Gin

  • Beckys Bhajis

    Beckys Bhajis

  • Carribean Fushion

    Carribean Fushion

  • Cats Protection

    Cats Protection

  • Crepe Lucette

    Crepe Lucette

  • Old Victorian Kitchen

    Old Victorian Kitchen

  • Pieroth


  • Pretty Swish

    Pretty Swish

  • Gem Smokers

    Gem Smokers

  • Jorge Artisan Foods LTD

    Jorge Artisan Foods LTD

  • The Original Chocolate Dream Company

    The Original Chocolate Dream Company

  • Primal Joy

    Primal Joy

  • Costco


  • Cellar Trends

    Cellar Trends

  • Fudged Up

    Fudged Up

  • Shocktails


  • Dorset Spice Shed

    Dorset Spice Shed

  • Haughton Honey

    Haughton Honey

  • Perfect Tipple

    Perfect Tipple

  • Sole Mates

    Sole Mates

  • Shakespear Distillery

    Shakespear Distillery

  • Welbeck Abbey Brewery

    Welbeck Abbey Brewery

  • Tarte and Berry

    Tarte and Berry

  • Sweet Shoppe Dreams

    Sweet Shoppe Dreams

  • Bloomers of Bakewell

    Bloomers of Bakewell

  • Dorset Spice Shed

    Dorset Spice Shed

  • Natural Ice

    Natural Ice

  • We Luv Brownies

    We Luv Brownies

  • Welbeck Abbey Brewery

    Welbeck Abbey Brewery

  • Just For Tummies

    Just For Tummies

  • Deborah Hook

    Deborah Hook

  • Cranes Drinks

    Cranes Drinks

  • Black Bull Paella

    Black Bull Paella

  • Funky Falafel
  • Welbeck Dairy

    Welbeck Dairy

  • Springhead Brewery

    Springhead Brewery