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Want To Exhibit?

Who's Exhibiting

Check out who is exhibiting with us in 2017...

Featured Exhibitors

    Peckish Kitchen Co

    Peckish Kitchen Co

    Established in 2015 the Peckish Kitchen is a family run business creating delicious chutneys and preserves in the Heart of Yorkshire.

    The Cocktail Pickers

    The Cocktail Pickers

    Perfectly Batched Cocktails made from fresh fruits, purées and premium alcohols. Nothing artificial has been added. Chill or shake over ice to enjoy!

    Lime Tree Pantry Foods

    Lime Tree Pantry Foods

    Local Nottinghamshire company Lime Tree Pantry Foods is the home of delicious Award Winning shortcrust pastry pies and delicious cakes.

    Sovereign Spirits

    Sovereign Spirits

    Sovereign Spirits liqueur recipes have been created to satisfy the palette of those who desire a variety of taste sensations and flavour combinations in their tipples.


Clumber Park 2017 exhibitors...

  • Book People

    Book People

  • The Garlic Farm

    The Garlic Farm

  • Flint and Flame

    Flint and Flame

  • Boston Shakers

    Boston Shakers

  • Hartington Cheese Shop

    Hartington Cheese Shop

  • Romano Coffee

    Romano Coffee

  • Riverford Organic

    Riverford Organic

  • Coole Swan

    Coole Swan

  • The Duck Truck

    The Duck Truck

  • Los Churros Amigos

    Los Churros Amigos

  • Peak Ale The Barn Brewery

    Peak Ale The Barn Brewery

  • Sundial


  • Brocklebys


  • Borderfields


  • Burtree Puddings

    Burtree Puddings

  • Bluebell Dairy

    Bluebell Dairy

  • Carribean Fushion

    Carribean Fushion

  • Pieroth


  • Pretty Swish

    Pretty Swish

  • Sole Mates

    Sole Mates

  • Welbeck Abbey Brewery

    Welbeck Abbey Brewery

  • Funky Falafel
  • Welbeck Dairy

    Welbeck Dairy

  • Cheshire Cheese Company

    Cheshire Cheese Company

  • Portsonachan Hotel

    Portsonachan Hotel

  • Spicy Monk Cider

    Spicy Monk Cider

  • SWIIS Foster and Social Care

    SWIIS Foster and Social Care

  • Charles Taylor Furniture

    Charles Taylor Furniture

  • Edinburgh Gin

    Edinburgh Gin

  • Snowdonia Cheese Company

    Snowdonia Cheese Company

  • Mums made with love

    Mums made with love

  • The Vine Tap

    The Vine Tap

  • The Cocktail Pickers

    The Cocktail Pickers

  • Vive La Crepe

    Vive La Crepe

  • Tippled Pink Gin

    Tippled Pink Gin

  • The Melted Cheese Company

    The Melted Cheese Company

  • The Flying Cows

    The Flying Cows

  • Rose Cottage Liquors

    Rose Cottage Liquors

  • Pizza Traders

    Pizza Traders

  • Peckish Kitchen Co

    Peckish Kitchen Co

  • Nellys


  • Masons Yorkshire Gin

    Masons Yorkshire Gin

  • Magic Mead

    Magic Mead

  • Langwith Brewery

    Langwith Brewery

  • Bleikers Smokehouse

    Bleikers Smokehouse

  • Big Red Bus Bar

    Big Red Bus Bar

  • Strike for Gold Foods

    Strike for Gold Foods

  • Cherizena Coffee

    Cherizena Coffee

  • What the Truck?

    What the Truck?

  • Rubis Chocolate Wine

    Rubis Chocolate Wine

  • HeatherHill Farm

    HeatherHill Farm

  • Laithwaite' Wine

    Laithwaite' Wine

  • Forever Living

    Forever Living