The Welbeck Farm Shop Sponsors the Cookery Theatre

The award-winning Welbeck Farm Shop sponsored the Cookery Theatre in 2017.

The Cookery Theatre welcomed famous TV chefs and bakers for visitors to enjoy at no extra cost over the weekend.

Welbeck Farm Shop is found at the heart of a vibrant artisan food community. Two thirds of the shop’s impressive product range is sourced from or prepared at the historic Welbeck estate, which is home to a community of exceptional artisan food producers.

A focus on low food miles, drawing on a rich artisan food tradition, and subjecting every product line to rigorous taste testing has earned Welbeck Farm Shop a reputation as one of the country’s top farm shops. Meat is sourced from the local area, including from the Welbeck estate where rare breed livestock graze historic pastures. Meats are cured in store by the award-winning butchery team, led by Head Butcher Mark Brown.

Welbeck Dairy’s happy Holstein cows graze the pastures of the historic estate. Their delicious milk is delivered from the dairy every morning after milking. It’s the freshest milk that you can buy, and as it’s not been pasteurised, this creamy, wholesome milk is just as nature intended it. Raw Milk from the Welbeck Dairy can be bought from the dairy’s own vending machine, located in Welbeck Farm Shop, will revenue being paid in full to the farmer.

It’s the same milk used in the internationally acclaimed ‘Stichelton’ blue cheese, which is made just down the road. Stichelton is created by Joe Schneider, who has been producing this award-winning raw milk blue cheese at Welbeck since 2006. Joe uses skills and methods drawn from traditional English blue cheese production. The raw milk is pumped directly from Welbeck Dairy’s milking parlour and the cheese is made slowly and by hand – from ladling the curds to checking each cheese individually for ripeness. Stichelton takes pride of place on Welbeck Farm Shop’s cheese counter, which was developed with help from their friends at Neil’s Yard Dairy and is lovingly tended by an in-house cheesemonger.


Also among Welbeck’s idyllic artisan food community are Welbeck Abbey Brewery and Welbeck Bakehouse. Welbeck Abbey Brewery is a traditional real ale brewery, housed in a listed barn in the heart of the Estate. Established by Claire Monk in 2011, the small dedicated team produces 15,000 pints of handcrafted beer a week. Only four quality ingredients are used – malted barley, finest hops, the estate's own natural spring water and a unique strain of nurtured yeast.

In the summer of 2008, The Welbeck Bakehouse fired up its ovens for the first time and now 9 years later has grown to become an award-winning wholesale bakery supplying an array of businesses throughout the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. This bakery prides itself on its dedication to promoting ‘Real’ bread-making and the production of high quality produce, using traditional, long fermentation processes and pre-ferments, with no artificial additives or preservatives.


All of the Welbeck Artisan Food Producers grace the farm shop’s shelves, complimented by some of the finest produce on offer. The shop’s team of experts scour the country to find producers who share their passion for quality foods which are rooted in an artisan heritage.


Welbeck Farm Shop is accompanied by the neighbouring Harley Gallery, Portland Collection and Harley Café.